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UnitizerBasic is a desktop program. It is not configured to work over a network.
  • Summation program.
  • .Net 3.5 framework (download boot- strapper here if needed).
  • Windows Vista, 7 or XP Pro operating system.
  • eDocument images
  • Internet connection
    (DSL min. speed recommended).
  • Windows Pentium, Celeron, AMD optimized for memory-intensive image handling.
  • Adequate 7200 rpm
    hard drive space for volume of images to process.
  • 2 gigbytes DDR Ram or more (4)recommended.
  • Monitor.
  • Admin rights on
    computer in use.



The Little Program That Walks Softly and Reduces a Big Staff...

This is the program everyone needs and wants. UnitizerBasic helps one person unitize big document collections and create DII load files (for Summation iBlaze) in 75% less time than it takes to unitize by hand. So why pay $2000+ for a dii maker from the other guys when you can get a stable program with essentially all the same bells and whistles and free support for a year for $149 (UnitizerBasic) $249 (UnitizerPro)? It just makes more cents to choose Unitizer products.

This program isn't just a "great idea." We've been here since 1995 using prototypes of these same utilities on multimillion document discovery projects with very intense deadlines, under "fire" from the FBI and besieged by press. Unitizer has been field tested by teams of paralegals working around the clock and it has never failed to perform. So why buy those high-end, ala cart and over-priced programs from companies who have never seen the inside of a courtroom (much less a document warehouse)?

Whether you are in a law firm, or you are a sole practitioner wanting the fire power of a large firm without having to take on the burden of added staff, or a business storing its records safely imaged in its database, UnitizerBasic or UnitizerPro can reduce the overhead - and overtime - this type of work generates.


No more slip sheets...

It seems like a good idea. Hire a crew. Hand-review boxes of documents. Slip in a bar-coded, colored sheet denoting beginning and ending spans ("unitization"). Run the paper through a high speed scanner. Then sort through the electronic images, create a load file for Summation by creating a span in Excel or a similar spreadsheet program, then input the necessary fields to ensure the data will load properly. All to get these documents into the database before some impossible deadline.

The only problem is: It isn't fast enough. The process uses too many resources (that used to mean people hours). Most importantly, if this is a project for which you are billing a client, that client most likely won't reimburse you for the overhead and overtime. There are even some "breezy" expensive programs out there that will help you scan your images into Summation but after you unitize by hand, after you've made key decisions on whether to divide out attachments, or create extra images from them. And the key point is, with those batch programs, slipping in bar code sheets is not billable. However, with UnitizerBasic and it's big sister, UnitizerPro, unitizing the documents is part of the analysis and therefore your staff's time is completely billable.

This program will pay for itself the first day you use it.

Unitization is unavoidable, it needs to be done so that the more substantive work of databasing and cataloging those documents can be done. To win cases. To succeed at business. We have come up with a great way to do it all virtually, and, with UnitizerPro's additional image viewing capabilities, create a paperless office in your briefcase. Link to UnitizerPro

Why UnitizerBasic...

Imagine, instead, a CD of images scanned in-house or through a trusted vendor; Each image is named to correspond with its unique 'bates' or tracking number. Open UnitizerBasic and browse to that disk. Highlight each span of images you wish to unitize as one document, click "add" and voila. A load file, fully configured. Got single documents? One check and you can rip through these with one mouse click, and add them as properly configured record entries in a flash. OCR the images with our handy OtterOCR.

At $149 per license, and a 30 day money back guarantee, free email support for a year, why NOT UnitizerBasic?

And now UnitizerBasic includes Alpha-Bates edoc stamper and other new utilities!